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    Professional Carpet
 Cleaning & Restoration by Apex

  Below you'll find Before & After pics of our most popular cleaning services. Each pic is genuine, taken on site during a cleaning we performed, & represents actual results:)

For The Best View Of The Pics, Click "Fast" Or Manually Click Through At Your Own Pace

A Little About Us :-) - Apex Is Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Service! We're Family Owned & Operated, Proudly Serving Greater Orlando With Quality, Professional Service Since 2001.

At Apex, We Utilize The Most Powerful Truck Mounted Extraction Equipment, Spare No Expense On The Finest Carpet Cleaning Products, And We Each Attend Continued Training Courses To Always Stay On The Leading Edge Of Current Advancements In Chemistry, Tools, And Techniques!  But Even More Important Than All Of That, We Take Our Time And Do The Job Right The 1st Time, Every Time:)

"You Will Not Find Better Service At Any Price. I Guarantee It!"
- Chris Swanson - Owner & Master Technician - Apex Carpet Solutions

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We Also Offer Decontamination Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services...
- Restorative Carpet Cleaning for Extreme Soiling or Blacked-out Traffic Areas
- Ink Based Carpet Stain Removal, Dye Based Carpet Stain Removal, Rust Based Carpet Stain
- Removal, And Red Stain or "Koolaid" Carpet Stain Removal

 - Carpet
Pet Stain Removal & Pet Odor Treatment

- Permanent Removal of
Food Related Bacterial Staining On Carpet (Black Spotting, Reoccuring Spots, Ect..)
And Much More!

                "Apex, Not The BIGGEST, The BEST!"

Cleaning, Grout Cleaning & Stone Cleaning by Apex

 Our Superior Method Of Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Will Clean, Sanitize & Restore Color To Even The Dirtiest Tile Floors & Grimiest Grout Lines!

Our Completely Self Contained System Incorperates Fast Moving Super Heated Water @ High Pressure And Extreme Vacuum Power In A Controlled Setting That Allows For Otherwise Impossible Results Inside A Home!

 We Clean Ceramic - Porcelain - Natural Stone - Grout - Shellstone - Pavers - Faux Stones & More -
Plus, We'll Keep Your Grout Lines Cleaner, Longer With Our Premium Sealers!

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          Professional Upholstery
Cleaning by Apex
 We Offer Deep Steam Or Dry Cleaning For Your Upholstery & Rugs!

 We Clean All Types Of Upholstered Furniture, Natural & Synthetic Fibers, Including Polyesters, Cotton Bleands, Hatian Cotton, Microfiber Or Microsuede, Wool, Stain Resistant Materials & More. We Also Provide Premium Stain Protection For All Material Types:)

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     ( 4 0 7 ) 4 2 9 - 7 0 9 6   or   ( 3 5 2 ) 4 0 6 - 7 8 6 6

Cleaning, Conditioning & Protection by Apex

 When It Comes To Leather,  Cleaning & Conditioning Is A Basic Necessity!

Upholstery Is Beautiful, Versatile, and Extremely Durrable. And With The Proper Care, Your Leather Will Give You Years Of Beauty & Comfort.

  Leather Care, However, Goes Far Beyond Simple Cleaning.  A Wet Rag & Some Elbow Grease Just Isn't Going To Cut It!
 (Did you know that improper cleaning actually speeds the dehydration & deterioration of your Leather Upholstery by removing key elements and drawing out natural moisture & oils essential to the stability & longevity of your Leather?!)

  Leather Requires High Quality Cleaning Agents, Conditioners, PH Balancers, Essential Oils & Protectants To Keep It Soft & Supple. Without Proper Care Your Leather Will Continuously Dehydrate, Becoming Dry, Dull, Brittle & Rough Until It Simply Falls Apart.

  Give Your Leather Upholstery The Care It Needs! Apex Offers Professional, Quality Service, & Top Of The Line Leather Care Products! 
Leather Requires Regular Care, Don't Wait For Deep Cracks Or Heavy Wear;)  Don't Wait Until Its Too Late! 

  Appointments Fill Up Fast, So Call Us Now!

         (352) 406-7866

               (407) 429-7096

Apex Carpet Solutions Specializes In Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, Tile Cleaning, Grout Cleaning & Restoration, Natural & Man-made Stone Floor Cleaning, Rug Cleaning & Upholstery Cleaning.
We Offer Truck-Mounted "HOT Water Extraction" (Commonly Reffered To As "Steam Cleaning"), As Well As Dry Cleaning For Rugs & Upholstery, Dupont Teflon Advanced Fiber Protectant, Leather Cleaning Conditioning & Protection, Red Stain Removal, Pet Dander, Odor & Stain Removal Treatment, Urine Odor & Stain Treatment, Heavily Soiled Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, Carpet & Rug Color Enhancement & Restoration, Dye & Spot Dyes, Mold Remediation, Upholstery Cleaning ( Steam or Dry), Mattress Cleaning (Steam or Dry), Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing, And Much More

 It Is Important To Note That...

The Cost Of Performing Our Services Are Directly Affected By The Square Footage Of The Job Being Performed, As Well As The Material Type(s), And Actual Condition, Including How Soiled The Materials Are, Plus Any Actual Wear or Damage.

2- The Longevity Of Your Carpet & Rugs ( And Tile, Grout & Upholstery For That Matter) Depends On You! You Must Vacuum** Your Carpet & Rugs Atleast Once A Week, And Have It Professionaly Cleaned every 6-12 Months (Depending On Your Situation, Such As Kids, Pets, Excesive Traffic, Ect..)

Your Carpets Longevity Also Relies Heavily On Understanding Your Specific Material Types, And Acting Accordingly To Prolong Its Useful Life:) Cut Pile, Loop Pile, Cut-Loop Pile & Berber Style Carpets Made From Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, ect.. Will Each Handle Traffic, Wear, Soiling & Staining Differently! So, If Your Material Choice Was Based On Price and/or Appearance Alone,  (Such Is Often The Case In Rentals,  Or Homes That Were "Fixed Up" For Purposes Of  Being Flipped/Sold),  Then Chances Are You Will Need To Be More Critical With Your Care To Keep Your Carpet Looking & Feeling Great.

**Vacuuming Is Not Just About What You Can See On The Surface And  Should Not Be Done In A Rush. Your Carpet Can Hold Up To 9lb Of "Dirt" per sq yd Without Showing Through On The Surface! Now, Does That Mean Your Carpet Has Anywhere Near That Hiding In It? Of Course Not:) However, The "Dirt" Found In An Average Carpet Is Not As Basic It Sounds! While There Is Sure To Be Sand & Other Forms Of Earth Involved, Much Of What You'll Find Is Other Foreign Materials, Such as Dust Mites, Dead Skin Cells, Pet Hair & Dander, Pollen, Bacteria, Various Mold & Mildew Spores And Much More. These Materials Left To Accumulate In Your Carpets Fibers Will Rub Against The Fibers As You Walk Around Causing Permanent Fiber Damage & Premature Color Loss. As These Materials Break Down Over Time, Chemical Reactions And Dramatic Changes In PH Levels Can Permanently Alter The Physical Appearance Of Your Carpet Or Rugs! The Cleaner You Keep Your Carpet & Rugs, The Cleaner We Can Get Them Each Time We Clean, And The Longer They Will Live!

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