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     Professional Carpet
 Cleaning & Restoration by Apex


            Experience A New Level Of Clean - "Apex, Not The Biggest, The Best!"

  Below Are Just A Few Of Our Before & After Pics.  Each One Is As It Came Out Of The Camera & Reflect Actual Results!
     Heavy Traffic Areas  -  Food & Drink Spills  -  Pet Stains - All Washed Away!

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A Little About Us :^)
  Apex Is Not Your Average Carpet Cleaning Service! We're Family Owned & Operated, Proudly Serving The Greater Orlando Area With Quality, Professional Service Since 2001. 
  At Apex, We Utilize Extremely Powerful Truck Mounted Extraction Equipment & Propane Heated HOT Water. We Spare No Expense On The Finest Carpet Cleaning Products, And We Each Attend Continued Training Courses Regularly To Always Stay On The Leading Edge Of Current Advancements In Chemistry, Equipment, And Techniques!  But Even More Important Than All Of That, We Take Our Time And Do The Job Right, The 1st Time, Every Time! :^)

   "You Will Love The Job We've Done For You, I Guarantee It!"
- Chris Swanson - Owner & Master Technician - Apex Carpet Solutions

      "Apex, Not The Biggest, The Best!"

We Also Specialize In Complete Decontamination & Restorative Services Including:
Carpet Cleaning & Restoration of Extreme Soiling or Blacked-out Traffic Areas
Ink Based Carpet Stain Removal
Dye Based Carpet Stain Removal
Red Carpet Stain Removal / Koolaid Stain Removal

Urine Decontamination Carpet Cleaning
Pet Stain Decontamination Carpet Cleaning
Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning & Treatment
Heavily Food Soiled Carpet Complete Decontamination Carpet Cleaning
Smoke Odor & Food Related Odor Carpet Cleaning & Treatment
Permanent Removal of
Food Related Bacterial Carpet Staining (Black Spotting, Reoccuring Spots, Ect..)
Rust Carpet Stain Removal

& Much More!

          Appointments Fill Up Fast, So Call Us Now!
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   - Apex Carpet Cleaning Orlando - Orlando Carpet Cleaning by Apex - Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration by Apex Carpet Solutions - Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning-

Helpful Facts And Information:

1:  Here’s A "Dirty Little Secret" That 99% Of People Just Like YOU, Will Never Know About Providing A Clean, Healthy Environment For Their Family!  Studies Have Shown That An Average Brown Carpet Can Hide Over 9 Pounds Of Dirt, Dust, Pollen, And Bacteria In Each Sq Yard! (3'x3' Or 9 sq ft.), Thats An Average Of 1 Pound per sq ft!
 Wanna See For Yourself?  Simply Place A Plain White Towel On Your Carpet In Any Traffic Area Or Near An Entrance Way.  Walk On The Towel Just As You Would Your Carpet, Every Day For A Week. Then Take A Close Look At The Towel. Your Carpet Gets Just As Dirty! Only If You're Like Many People, Its Probably Been A Year Or More Since You Last Had A Professional Cleaning Performed. So You Do The Math :^)

2:  Every Major Carpet & Fiber Manufacturer Recommend The "Hot Water Extration" Method Of Cleaning (Commonly Refered To As "Steam Cleaning").

3: "Hot Water Extraction" Is The Only Method Of Carpet Cleaning That Is Classified As "Deep Cleaning", And Is The Only Method That Will Remove The Dirt, Dust, Polllen & Bacteria From Deep Within Your Carpet Fibers. All Other Methods Are Classified As "Light Cleaning", Which Is The Same Classification As Any Household Vacuum Cleaner!

4:  So Called "Dry Cleaning"  Or  "Low Moisture Cleaning" Methods, Are In Fact NOT DRY AT ALL, And Are Extremely Harmful To Your Carpet, And Your Families Health! 
  - The Leading "Dry Clean" Method For Carpet Cleaning
Was Designed Specifically For Janitors To Perform Regular Maintenance Cleaning Of Short Pile Commercial Grade Glue-Down Carpet In Large High-Rise Office Buildings Where There Are No Viable Options For A Real Cleaning To Be Performed On Any Regular Basis. 

  This Method Of "Carpet Cleaning" Is Performed By Spraying The Carpet With A Mix Of Several "Cleaning" & "Color Enhancment" Chemicals, Usually To Excess, Followed By "Buffing" The Carpet With A Terry Cloth "Bonnett" Attached To A Floor Buffer, (Normally Used For Commercial Floor Pollishing).

People Often Fall Victim To This Method Because They Wrongly Believe That The Carpet Is Being "Scrubbed Clean" Making It A Better Choice.  Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth!

 In Reality, The Carpets Fibers, Backing, Glue, And Seam Tape Can Not Handle The Highly Abrasive Action, Nor The Harsh Chemicals Left Behind On Your Carpet.
This So Called "Cleaning" Process Uses Very Little Water (Hence The False Term Dry Clean)There Is Nothing Dry About It.

  While There Is Little Or No Water Used, This Method Uses More Chemicals Than The Hot Water Extraction Method, Which Are Applied And Left To Soak In, Then Forced Deep Into The Padding Of The Carpet By The Weight & Motion Of The Buffer.  There Is No Clean Water Rinsing Of The Carpet, And No Vacuum Extraction Of The Chemicals Used In The Process.  Every Drop Of Liquid Left Behind After The "Cleaning" Is Performed Is 100% Chemical Residue!  The Process DESTROYS CARPET FIBERS And Causes Rapid Resoiling Because The Heavy Soap & Chemical Residue Left Behind Leaves The Carpet Sticky Enough To Attract Soil, And In Many Cases Causes Browning Or Yellowing Of The Carpet Fibers.

  Dry Clean Methods Do Not Remove Deep Dirt,  Bacteria,  Pollen,  Or  Dust Mites!  In fact, Bacteria Is Left To Thrive In The Moist Envirnment Caused By The Heavy Residue!
  Bonnett Cleaning Is By Far The Cheapest Method Of Carpet Cleaning, For The Carpet Cleaner That Is.  It Is All Profit For The Cleaner,  Zero Benefit To The Customer. You Can Buy All The Equipment And Chemicals Needed To Perfom The Process For Under $500.  Believe Me, If It Worked, We Would Use It! 

  The Fact Of The Matter Is, We Absolutley Refuse To Offer This Type Of Service Because It Is A Completley Destructive Cleaning Method That Is Only Acceptable For Janitors Who Have No Other Alternative! 

- Apex Carpet Cleaning Orlando - Orlando Carpet Cleaning by Apex - Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration by Apex Carpet Solutions - Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning-

  At Apex, We Offer Only Quality, Professional Services, Using Only The Most Powerful Truck Mounted Equipment, Propane Heated Water, The Finest Cleaning Products, And Proven Techniques.

  "You'll Love The Job We've Done For You, I Guarantee It!"
Chris Swanson  - Owner & Master Technician - Apex Carpet Solutions


 A Note To Other Carpet Cleaners Reading This:  Myself, And Others Out There Are Proud Of The Excellent Services We Provide. We Are In This Industry To Help People The Way We Do Best, By Providing A Healthy, Clean Enviornment For Our Customers, Our Friends, And Our Families.  I Cant Speak For Everyone, But I Know Thats What We're Here For!

  We Make Peoples Lives A Little Healthier, In A Time When It Is Needed More Than Ever.  However, If You're One Of  The "Cheap Guys" That Use The Bonnett Cleaning Method, Or Who Drag A Dirty POS Portable Unit Into Peoples Homes, I've Gotta Ask You,  How Do You Keep A Straight Face With People?  Do You Even Know What A Terrible Disservice You're Burdening Your Customers With?!  Both "Dry Cleaning" And Portable Extraction Machines Were Designed For Regular Maintenance Cleaning, Perfomed By A Janitor On Short Pile Glue-Down Commercial Grade Carpet In High-Rise Office Buildings Where They Have No Other Viable Means Of Cleaning.  Neither Of These Methods Have Any Place In Professional Carpet Cleaning.

If You Can Not, Or Will Not Provide Your Customers With The "Real Cleaning" That You Know They're Looking For, Then You Have No Business In This Industry, Period.  A Clean, Healthy Home Enviornment Is A Must.  The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Scam Artist Ruining Their Carpet When Its Time For A Professional CleaningThere Are Plenty Of Janitors Positions Out There For That Kind Of Cleaning Service.

 Very Scinserely, Chris Swanson - Owner & Master Technician - Apex Carpet Solutions

- Apex Carpet Cleaning Orlando - Orlando Carpet Cleaning by Apex - Professional Carpet Cleaning and Restoration by Apex Carpet Solutions - Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning-

  Apex Carpet Solutions Offers A Wide Range Of Professional Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services. We Handle It All, From Small Homes & Apartments, To Large Commercial Properties & Businesses. Fine Luxury Condos, To Trashed-out Apartments. Whatever Your Carpet Cleaning Needs, Apex Has A Solution For You. Some Of Our Most Popular Services Include....

  • Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning
  • Heavily Soiled Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
  • Off-site Rug Cleaning / Rug Dry Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning - Deep Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning
  • Dupont Teflon Advanced Fiber Protectant
  • Urine & Feces Decontamination Carpet Cleaning
  • Pet Odor Carpet Cleaning & Treatment
  • Mattress Cleaning - Deep Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning
  • Food Soiled Carpet Cleaning & Restoration
  • Pet Related Carpet Stain Removal
  • Carpet Color Enhancement Cleaning & Restoration
  • Carpet Repairs &
  • Carpet Stretching/ Re-stretching
  • Carpet Spot Dyes
  • Coffee Carpet Stain Removal
  • Red Carpet Stain Removal
  • Auto Interior & Carpet Cleaning
  • & Much More!
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